Why Withholding Rent is Not the Solution to Your Problems

We understand that renting a property can sometimes come with its own set of challenges. Whether it's a maintenance issue that hasn't been addressed promptly or another concern, it can be frustrating. However, withholding rent is not the solution and can lead to serious consequences. Here's why:

Legal Obligations

Your tenancy agreement clearly outlines your obligation to pay rent on time. Failing to do so puts you in breach of contract, regardless of any issues you may be facing with the property.

Impact on Your Future Reference or tenancy renewal

Non-payment of rent can negatively affect your reference should one be required in the future, making it difficult for you to rent another property. If you're on a fixed term, the landlord may feel it appropriate not to renew your tenancy.

Possibility of Eviction

Withholding rent can lead to eviction proceedings. Once you're two full months in arrears, your landlord has the legal right to begin eviction proceedings, which could result in you losing your home, even if there are outstanding maintenance issues.

Strained Landlord-Tenant Relationship

Refusing to pay rent can strain your relationship with your landlord, making it less likely that your concerns or requests will be addressed in a timely and amicable manner.

Legal Repercussions

Your landlord has the right to take legal action to recover any unpaid rent, and you may also be liable for legal fees.

What You Should Do Instead:

  1. Report the Issue: Use the proper channels, like our Fixflo site, to report any maintenance issues or other concerns you have. That way there is an audit of communication and responses.

  2. Open Communication: Maintain open and honest communication with your property manager. We're here to help resolve issues efficiently.

  3. Know Your Rights: Familiarise yourself with your rights as a tenant. While you can't withhold rent, you do have rights that protect you from living in unsatisfactory conditions.

  4. Seek Legal Advice: If you believe that your concerns are not being addressed, it may be helpful to seek legal advice on how best to proceed.

Remember, we're here to ensure that your tenancy is as smooth as possible. Withholding rent only complicates matters and is not in your best interest.