Habitation Compliance Checklist

Ensuring the health and safety of tenants is a top priority for Property Genius. Our Habitation Compliance Checklist serves as a comprehensive guide to assess the habitability and safety of a property. Here's what each point means:

Fire Safety:

  • Escape Routes: Tenants must have unobstructed access to all escape routes in case of a fire.


  • Locking Mechanisms: All entrances, exits, and windows should have secure, working locks, with keys or access codes provided to tenants.

Damp and Ventilation:

  • Damp/Mould: No evidence of damp or mould should be present on walls or ceilings.

  • Ventilation: All rooms must have adequate ventilation, either through windows, trickle vents, or extractor fans.

Flooring and Electricals:

  • Carpets: No fraying, especially on stairs, to prevent tripping hazards.

  • Electrical Fixtures: All electrical fixtures and fittings should be in good condition, with no frayed cables or cracked power points.


  • Water Facilities: Hot and cold water facilities should be in working order.

  • Heating: Heating systems should be serviced and capable of maintaining an indoor temperature of 18-21°C.


  • Natural and Artificial Lighting: Adequate lighting should be available in all bedrooms, stairways, and living spaces.


  • Drainage and Sanitation: All drainage and sanitation facilities should be in working order.

  • Kitchen Facilities: Sinks, draining boards, worktops, and cooking facilities should be defect-free and functional.


  • Internal and External Stairways: Must have securely fixed handrails, adequate lighting, and defect-free treads.

External Checks:

  • Roof and Walls: No loose roof tiles or damp on external walls.

  • Paving: No evidence of uneven paving slabs or decking.

By adhering to this checklist, we aim to provide a safe and comfortable living environment for all our tenants, while also helping landlords maintain their properties to the highest standards.