Formalising the Renewal

Once you've decided to renew your tenancy and any new terms have been negotiated and agreed upon, the next step is to formalise the renewal. We make this process as straightforward as possible. If you're opting for a new fixed-term agreement, a new contract will be drafted to reflect any changes or special requests. This contract will be sent to you via email through the Goodlord Platform for your review and electronic signature.

For those who prefer to move onto a monthly periodic tenancy, we'll send you a confirmation email outlining the terms and conditions of your new arrangement. This email serves as a formal record, ensuring that both parties are clear on the terms moving forward.

It's crucial to read through all documents carefully before signing or confirming, to ensure that all your requests have been included and that you understand your obligations under the new agreement. Once everything is signed and formalised, you can look forward to another term in your rental property, secure in the knowledge that all administrative aspects have been taken care of.