Key Dates to Remember for Deposit Returns

The process of returning a deposit involves multiple steps, each with its own timeline. For tenants and landlords alike, keeping track of key dates can help ensure a smooth and timely return of the deposit. Here are some important dates to mark on your calendar:

Before Moving Out

  • 30 Days Before End of Tenancy: This is the minimum notice period tenants usually need to give if they plan to move out. Make sure to provide written notice to your property manager.

Moving Out

  • Last Day of Tenancy: This is the official end date of your tenancy agreement. All keys should be returned by this date, and the property should be left in a clean and acceptable condition.

After Moving Out

  • Within 7 Days: Expect a final inspection of the property to be conducted. This will determine the condition of the property and any potential deductions from your deposit.

  • 10 Days After Agreement: Landlords are generally required to return the deposit within 10 days after both parties have agreed on the amount to be returned.

  • Typically up to 30 days After Agreement: Is the period reasonable have any any costs calculated should works, repairs or cleaning be needed, and amounts returned.

In Case of Disputes

  • 30 Working Days: If there is a dispute, and it goes to arbitration, expect a resolution usually within a few months from when the arbitration process starts.

By keeping track of these key dates, both tenants and landlords can better navigate the complexities of deposit returns. Always consult your tenancy agreement and your property manager for the most accurate and personalised advice.