Consequences of not returning keys

Returning keys at the end of your tenancy might seem like a minor detail, but it's a crucial step that carries significant implications. Failing to return keys can lead to a variety of consequences, some of which can be costly and inconvenient. Here's what you need to know:

  • Deposit Deductions: One of the most immediate consequences is the deduction from your security deposit. Replacing locks and keys can be expensive, and these costs are often passed on to the tenant.

  • Delayed Check-Out: Not returning keys can delay the final inspection and check-out process, which in turn can delay the return of your deposit.

  • Security Risks: Unreturned keys pose a security risk to the property and its future occupants. This could potentially lead to legal liabilities for you if a security incident occurs.

  • Additional Rent: In some cases, failure to return keys could be considered as holding over beyond your lease term, leading to additional rent charges.

  • Legal Consequences: Your tenancy agreement outlines the necessity of returning keys. Failure to comply could result in legal action.

  • Strained Relations: Not returning keys can strain your relationship with your landlord or property management company, which could affect your tenant history and make it more challenging to rent in the future.

In summary, not returning keys is a serious matter that can have financial, legal, and relational consequences. Always make it a priority to return all sets of keys, including any copies you may have made, to avoid these potential pitfalls.