The process for returning keys

Returning your keys at the end of your tenancy is a straightforward but crucial step in the moving-out process. Here's how to ensure a smooth transition:

  • Office Returns: The most direct way to return your keys is to bring them to our office. Please note that they must be returned on or before the last day of your tenancy and preferably within our office opening hours.

  • After-Hours Returns: If you can't make it during office hours, we've got you covered. Simply scan the QR code on our office door, log the return, and securely place the keys in the letterbox, making sure they are out of sight.

  • Check-Out Inventory Meeting: In some cases, we can arrange to meet you at the property during the check-out inventory. This provides an opportunity to return the keys directly to us, ensuring they are safely received.

  • Documentation: Regardless of how you return the keys, it's essential to document the process. If you're using the QR code and letterbox method, the log will serve as your proof of return. If you're returning them in person, they will be added to your inventory check out report.

  • Late Returns: Failing to return the keys on time can result in additional rent charges and could delay the return of your security deposit.

  • Lost Keys: If you've lost your keys, it's crucial to inform us as soon as possible. Lost keys can result in lock replacement costs, which will be your responsibility.

In summary, returning your keys is a simple but essential task that requires timely action and proper documentation. Whether you're dropping them off at our office, using the after-hours method, or handing them over during the check-out inventory, make sure to follow the correct procedures to avoid any complications.