Professional cleaning services vs. DIY

When it comes to ensuring the cleanliness of a rental property at the end of a tenancy, tenants often face the dilemma of whether to opt for professional cleaning services or to take the DIY route. Both options have their pros and cons, and the choice often boils down to individual circumstances. Here's a breakdown to help you decide:

Professional Cleaning Services

  • Thoroughness: Professionals know what landlords and property managers look for during final inspections.

  • Time-saving: Ideal for those who are short on time or juggling multiple responsibilities.

  • Guarantee: Many services offer a cleanliness guarantee, which can be reassuring.

  • Cost: The main downside is the expense, which can sometimes be high.

DIY Cleaning

  • Cost-Effective: You'll save money by doing the cleaning yourself.

  • Personal Standards: You have control over the level of cleanliness.

  • Time-Consuming: It can be a lengthy process, especially if the property is large.

  • Risk of Overlook: Without a professional's eye, you might miss areas that could be flagged during the inspection.

Hybrid Approach

  • Some tenants opt for a mix, doing the general cleaning themselves and hiring professionals for specialized tasks like carpet or oven cleaning.

Documentation: Whether you choose to go DIY or hire professionals, documenting your efforts can help in case of any disputes regarding the deposit.

The choice between professional cleaning and DIY often depends on your budget, time constraints, and the complexity of the cleaning tasks. Whichever route you choose, aim for a level of cleanliness that matches or exceeds the initial inventory to maximise the return of your deposit.