Managing Utilities: A Comprehensive Guide for New Tenants

When it comes to utilities, it's crucial for tenants to be well-informed and prepared. Upon moving in, tenants are responsible for setting up and managing all utility accounts, including gas, electricity, water, and council tax, unless otherwise stated in the tenancy agreement. We recommend that tenants contact utility providers as soon as possible after moving in to ensure a smooth transition and to avoid any billing issues.

It's also important to take meter readings upon moving in; these readings are often included in the inventory check for verification. Tenants should provide these readings to their utility providers to ensure accurate billing from the start of the tenancy. For properties that include internet and TV services, tenants should check if these services are included in their rent or if they need to set up separate accounts.

Tenants should also be aware that they are usually responsible for obtaining a TV license if they watch live TV or use the BBC iPlayer. If the property is in a controlled parking zone, tenants may need to apply for a parking permit from the local council.

In summary, managing utilities is an essential part of the move-in process, and tenants should take proactive steps to set up and manage their accounts to ensure a hassle-free living experience.