Inventory Checks: A Comprehensive Guide for Tenants

Moving into a new property is a significant milestone, and it's crucial to ensure that the condition and cleanliness of the property are accurately documented. At Property Genius, we take inventory checks seriously to protect both our tenants and landlords and remain transparent.

Here's how our thorough process works:

The Inventory Process

We aim to visit the property as close to the tenancy start date as possible to conduct a thorough inventory check. Leveraging the capabilities of our 360-degree camera, we take detailed images of each room to provide a comprehensive visual record. Alongside these images, we assess the condition and cleanliness of each room and its contents, rating them on a scale of 'Poor,' 'Fair,' or 'Good.'

To supplement these ratings, we offer detailed written descriptions for each item and make note of any specific issues or noteworthy comments including as many photos as needed.

Beyond the visual and descriptive elements, our inventory report also includes additional checks such as meter readings when possible, safety certificates, a Habitation Compliance Checklist, and Health & Safety Alarm Compliance Checks.

This multi-faceted approach ensures a transparent and thorough documentation of the property's condition.

Two-Step Verification

  1. Initial Receipt: Once the inventory is prepared, you'll receive it via email. You are required to confirm receipt by signing the document.

  2. Review Period: After collecting your keys, you have 14 days to review the inventory and suggest any changes. You can upload photos or note concerns during this period.

Important Notes

  • Not for Maintenance: This process is solely to document the condition and cleanliness of the property. It is not for reporting maintenance issues, which are handled separately.

  • Timely Response: It's crucial to adhere to the 14-day review period for any modifications to the inventory. This ensures that both parties agree on the property's initial condition.

By participating in this detailed inventory process, you're contributing to a transparent and fair rental experience. It's an essential step in ensuring that your tenancy starts on the right foot.