What Documents Am I Given?

Moving into a new rental property is an exciting time, but it's also one that comes with a fair amount of documents to read though. At Property Genius, we aim to make this process as smooth as possible for you.

We run a paperless operation, and so all documentation is provided digitally. If however you need a paper copy, this can be provided within reason.

Here's a rundown of the essential documents you'll encounter during the check-in process, along with their purposes:

  1. Tenancy Agreement (AST): This is the legal contract between you and the landlord. It outlines the terms and conditions of your tenancy, such as the rent amount, deposit, and responsibilities of both parties. Make sure to read it carefully before signing.

  2. Deposit Prescribed Information: This document provides you with all the necessary details about your security deposit, including where it's held and who to contact for any deposit-related queries.

  3. How to Rent Guide: Published by the government, this guide offers a comprehensive overview of your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. It's a must-read for anyone new to renting or looking to brush up on the basics.

  4. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC): This certificate gives you an idea of how energy-efficient the property is. It's useful for estimating your future energy bills and understanding the property's environmental impact. This must be renewed every 10 years

  5. Electrical Safety Certificate: This confirms that all the electrical installations in the property are safe to use. It's a crucial document that ensures your safety during your tenancy. This must be renewed, typically every 5 years.

  6. Gas Safety Certificate: If the property has gas appliances, this certificate is mandatory. It verifies that all gas installations and appliances meet safety standards. This must be renewed every 1 year.

  7. Inventory Check-In Document: This is a detailed list of all the items and their conditions in the property at the start of your tenancy. It's essential for resolving any disputes about damages that may arise during or at the end of your tenancy.

We strongly recommend that you keep these documents in a safe place, as you may need to refer to them during your tenancy. They are not just bureaucratic formalities but essential tools to ensure a smooth and enjoyable renting experience.

By understanding each document's purpose, you're well on your way to a successful tenancy with Property Genius.