The Journey, and what emails to look out for

Goodlord makes renting a new home easier for you, because you can complete the entire process online.

Step 1: Initial Application and Holding Deposit

Once you receive your tenancy offer via email, you'll be required to pay a holding deposit.

Emails You'll Receive:

  • Action Required: Get started on your tenancy

  • Confirmation: Your payment

  • Completed: Tenancy Guide


  • Tenancy Guide (if applicable)

  • How to Rent Guide

  • Draft Tenancy Agreement

Step 2: Online Referencing Form and Guarantor Request

After paying the holding deposit, you'll need to complete the online referencing form. If a guarantor is required, you'll be notified at this stage.

Emails You'll Receive:

  • Confirmation: References Submitted

  • Action Required: Guarantor Required

Step 3: Tenant Portal and Document Amendments

You can access your tenant portal to view the status of your referencing. This portal, facilitated by Goodlord, allows you to add or amend any documents as necessary. You'll find the link to this portal in your "References Submitted" email.

Typical Timelines

  • Employer and Landlord References: 3-5 business days

  • Credit Checks: 24-48 hours

  • Final Approval: 7-10 business days from the start of the application