Obtaining a Previous Landlord Reference: A Crucial Step for Tenants with Rental History

If you're a prospective tenant with a rental history, one of the key components of your application will be a reference from your current landlord.

Why a Current Landlord Reference?

A reference from your current landlord provides valuable insights into your behaviour as a tenant, including your punctuality in paying rent and how well you've maintained the property. This is a critical factor in our decision-making process.

What's Included?

The reference will typically cover:

  • Timeliness of rent payments

  • Condition of the property during your tenancy

  • Any issues or disputes and how they were resolved

Note on Current vs. Past Landlords

It's important to note that the reference must come from the landlord you are currently renting from, not a past landlord. This ensures that we get the most up-to-date and relevant information about your suitability as a tenant.

How to Obtain the Reference

We will request this reference as part of the online application process facilitated by Goodlord. Your current landlord will be contacted to provide this information, which will be securely stored and only used for the purposes of your application.

By understanding the importance of a current landlord reference, you can better prepare for a successful rental application.