Leveraging Tenant Feedback for Listing Optimisation: A Guide for Landlords

Qualitative feedback from potential tenants who have viewed your property is invaluable for fine-tuning your listing. This feedback is included in the reports we send to landlords, offering a more holistic view of how your property is perceived in the market.

Tenant feedback can cover a range of aspects, from the property's layout and condition to its pricing and location. This firsthand information helps identify any potential barriers that may be preventing your property from being let quickly. For instance, if multiple viewers comment on the property being dark, it might be worth considering better lighting or lighter decor to make the space more appealing.

We use this feedback to work collaboratively with you, making targeted adjustments to your listing or even the property itself. Whether it's a minor tweak in the description, new photographs, or a slight adjustment in pricing, these changes are aimed at enhancing your property's appeal to prospective tenants.

By incorporating tenant feedback into our Performance Reports, we offer landlords a comprehensive tool for making data-driven decisions that improve listing performance and, ultimately, rental outcomes.