Understanding Your Property's Performance Reports: A Guide for Landlords

At Property Genius, we believe in empowering our landlords with data-driven insights to optimise their property listings. That's why we offer comprehensive "Performance Reports," which are sent out periodically, usually after the first seven days of listing your property. These reports provide a wealth of information, including daily views in search queries, detailed views where potential tenants have spent time exploring your listing, and comparisons to similar properties and branch averages.

The report features a graph that tracks the number of views your property has received on portals like Rightmove over time. This serves as an excellent indicator of the level of interest your property is generating. Essentially, the more times your property's full detail page is viewed, the higher the likelihood of receiving an inquiry from a potential tenant.

It's natural for a property's performance to fluctuate. Initial spikes in views often occur when the property is first listed and included in alert emails to potential tenants. Our role is to work collaboratively with you to maintain high levels of interest by keeping the listing fresh and ensuring the pricing remains competitive.

By understanding these metrics, you can make informed decisions that enhance your property's marketability and profitability.