Private Viewings, Safety, and Follow-Up: A Comprehensive Guide

At Property Genius, we recognize the value of private viewings in offering a personalized, in-depth exploration of a property. These individual sessions allow potential tenants to ask questions and get a feel for the property, often leading to more successful tenant matches.

Safety is a top priority during these viewings, extending beyond health measures to include general safety precautions. We ensure that the property is free of trip hazards like loose carpeting or cluttered walkways. Adequate lighting is maintained to prevent accidents, and any areas under construction or repair are clearly marked or cordoned off. Additionally, for the safety of our staff and attendees, we maintain a log of all viewings, ensuring that staff members are aware of each other's whereabouts during appointments.

The follow-up process after a private viewing is equally important. We contact potential tenants to gauge their interest, clarify any questions, and address any concerns they may have. This strategic follow-up often serves as the tipping point for potential tenants, helping to secure a commitment more quickly.