Selective licensing

Selective licensing is a regulatory measure that some local councils, including those in Manchester, employ to maintain housing standards in specific areas. This scheme mandates landlords of privately rented single-family dwellings to obtain a separate license for each property they own within a designated area. The aim is to empower local authorities to inspect properties and enforce quality standards, thereby addressing particular issues related to housing in those zones.

In Manchester, areas such as Crumpsall, Moss Side, and Rusholme are subject to selective licensing schemes. If you own property in these or other designated areas, it's crucial to consult with the local council to understand your licensing obligations. Failure to comply can result in hefty fines and legal repercussions.

Selective licensing allows the council to ensure that all properties meet a certain standard, benefiting both landlords and tenants. For landlords, it offers a level of assurance that neighbouring properties are also being held to the same standard, which can positively impact property values. For tenants, it provides an added layer of protection, ensuring that they reside in a well-maintained and safe environment.